Friday, March 19, 2010

On day number 2 of my sick vacation:

This isn't quite a vacation at all actually.
Sitting at home and resting is nice, but very odd.
I'm going to go dust off that movie Crash and watch it.
Also, I'm in love and I think about it too much!
Complete with all the corny, butterfly ridden, embracing scenes at the airport and the quiet moments of realization that you are better for knowing this other person.
I've also never been so committed and traumatized by a job.
But it's so much more than a job!
Goodness, I read books about it at home...that means something.
Engrossed? Yes.
I love these children more than I ever thought I could've.
They exhaust me, but they've taught me so much about myself.
They give me courage and they cause my heart to ache consistently.
They will not remember me in a few years, but I will never forget them.
I cry for their lives when they can't even comprehend the issues that affect them.
I laugh with them daily and rejoice in knowing they are overcoming difficult boundaries.
My favorite days are when they use a new word for the first time.
Or when they sing with me.
To make a tangible difference: so worth it, but so tiring.

I jumped in head first.
My soul is submerged for the long haul.
And I'm not alone.