Monday, November 3, 2008

All Soul's Day

Feeling the need to post something on here tonight and not entirely sure why. So here goes the stream of my thoughts:

Today I was in the mood to wear my overalls, so I did.
And when I wear them it feels natural to put my harmonica in one of the upper pockets.
That way the music is near my heart.
I added my rock from david hernandez
(recently recovered from the bottom of the mason jar containing orange carnations from max)
to my other pocket.
It says blessings on it in gold lettering.
I put on my fish necklace from my auntie jean.
It reminds me of Jesus when nothing else does.
Yet sadly, like many of my treasured possessions, it is beginning to fall apart.
And my favorite shoes covered in rhinos and red and yellow suns protected my feet.

I like that my things aren't just "things".
They actually mean something to me.
They all have value.
But if they were taken away, I'd be completely fine.
It's like, enjoying the things that I own, without being too attached to them.
I think that's how it's supposed to be with everything in life.
Relationships, ideas, people, stuff...
Love what you have, and be okay with it if it goes away.
After all, even faith is fluid.
It goes away. It comes back.
God's really the only thing that's static.
And the only thing that has the capacity to be static.
Yet concurrently dynamic.
changing with and for all different peoples,
being what is needed during all distinctive times.
The God I know is everything I can and cannot understand.
The latter part is why I continue to believe.

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