Monday, April 27, 2009

Struggling to find the words

that are needed to complete my thesis.

Not because I don't love the subject, but how does one write on topics as prominent as RELIGION, PEACE, and VIOLENCE without feeling overwhelmed.

Upon leaving class today, I realized that I am no longer the ambitious student striving for academic success that I once was.
I have ceased to value myself based on grades and merits.

Yesterday someone asked me what the one main idea or lesson is that I will take away from my four years of college. My answer: That I like myself. God made me who I am for a reason and I am loved. By recognizing that I am happy with my life, I am much better equipped to serve others joyfully.

Another friend reminded me how vital it is to just BE. Be in the moment. Be everything you are. That is how to commune with God. By BEING all that I know how to be.

I may not leave here with high academic honors, but I will depart with a greater sense of self than I could have ever thought possible. And that is truly a blessing.

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