Tuesday, June 3, 2008

she may be my friend....

but i do NOT agree with her.

friend: "a woman's job is to get married and have babies."


my sole purpose on this earth is not just to procreate.
and just because i can have children does not mean i should.
first i need to make sure that they will live in an environment that allows them to flourish.
whatever happened to responsibility?
whatever happened to giving your children a chance to succeed and thrive?
i wonder if it ever existed in madera...the teen pregnancy capital of america (i'm not joking).
what has informed the minds of those in that town for so long??
why have they not collectively come to expect better things for themselves?
why are 16 year old girls still getting pregnant and giving up their own dreams in order to provide for the next generation?
why are my friends okay with it and deem it "God's will" that girls have babies?


don't get me wrong, i'm all for having children.
when i can give them the opportunity they deserve.
babies will NOT come from me because i was bored or irresponsible.
and NOT because i'm a woman and that's my role.
give me a break,
both myself and the future little juliettes are worth more than that.


joaico said...

and thanks to you, potential future little juliettes are lucky as hell.

denise! said...

i completely agree. amen sister.

and madera is SERIOUSLY the teen pregnancy capital of america?!?!?! REALLY?!?!? aiyaaaaa.

also, this line is so cute:
"both myself and the future little juliettes are worth more than that."

again, i completely agree.

you couldn't have said all of that better.

amen, sister. :)