Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i love the flat!

i love both of the flat mates!
i love when i come over!
i love the mission!
i love osha thai food!
i love san francisco!
i love the blue blanket!
i love everything that has anything to do with the flat!

AND i can't believe i've never seen this movie before yesterday.
but it was well worth the wait.
it was amazing!
no, i did not cry...but i'm not a crier in movies (surprising huh?)
anyways, it was SO much more than i thought it would be.
sleepless in seattle stole a little piece of my heart last night.

haha, and i thought it was great how we were
young women watching a movie about love
in which there were young women watching a movie about love.


la said...

hah. that last thought was poignant.

the flat(mates) love(s) you too!

joaico said...

if i have to fall asleep watching sleepless in seattle with anyone, i choose my fms!