Thursday, January 3, 2008


sometimes i wish i could type in cursive.

Tonight i was sitting in the den and realized that my family was finally back together. TOGETHER, like it hasn't been in a long time. Yes, there have been multiple occasions when we were all in the same room, etc. But tonight was different. I was sitting in the big recliner with my dad (as I spent SO many days doing when i was little). There was a football game on tv (the hughes' are big football fans). My mom and sister were sitting in the two white chairs. My mom chatted on the phone with Denise (her favorite teacher friend) and my sister read a book or randomly said something about the cats that grace us with their presence. My brother was on the couch with his girlfriend. A smile came into my heart as I viewed this scene. I love these people; they make me crazy at times, but they are home to me. I always tell my friends before they meet my family that once they do, they'll understand why i am the way i am. When we are together, i know i am BLESSED.

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joaico said...

the simple house next door is officially reserved for juliette hughes and friends.

FYI, if you ever decide to scrap school/work/other "real world" obligations and feel the need to travel the world and/or the continental united states, I'm totally down. Seriously.