Wednesday, January 2, 2008

life drives me nuts

i don't understand
i don't understand
i don't understand what we're supposed to do.
how easy it is to think things are a certain way!
when it's something entirely different.
how one person can be of so much importance.

i'm always just sitting around, pondering my own life.
that needs to stop.
who is it helping...not me...nor anyone i know for that matter.

sometimes i get tired of reading
but how will i ever know what is really necessary and beneficial
if i don't know what the "root" of the problem is.
learning, immersing myself in the world
i hope i never lose the motivation to do that more everyday.

(we watched Charlie Wilson's War tonight. needless to say, all the little men in mind will not quit running around. too much to think about. too much!)

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