Saturday, January 19, 2008


today was the second time i've visited my grandpa's art studio since i've been home. each time i go, i find more and more things that i love there. just the environment is amazing. all the people are so welcoming. it seems like everyone there really enjoys being there. a place like that is refreshing. no grumpies! really though, i can honestly say that i always leave that big studio happier than when i entered. sometimes i feel lighter too!

during my last visit, i found out something incredible about mr. chris sorensen that i never knew. let me give a little background information first though. in the studio there is a complete kitchen and a full bathroom, as well as a small loft (which i haven't ventured up into in years). i've always thought that these rooms were convenient because there are a lot of people working down there during the day. being curious, as i tend to be, i asked grandpa chris what the loft was used for. and he said "oh bob stays there. he watches the place at night." upon arriving back at home that night i asked my mom to elaborate on what my grandpa had said earlier that afternoon. apparently bob used to be homeless a few years ago. my grandpa has since given him a place to live and taught him how to weld. i think at that moment i just sighed because every part of me was glad.

the outside of the studio:

Christian M Sorensen has such a big heart and such a great laugh; i can only hope to be as joyful as he is when i'm 82.

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