Thursday, February 28, 2008

magedy (that which is magical)

A few things to say before I get consumed by what the internet has to offer:
I feel good. Really I feel good, at this moment. It may change in a matter of minutes seeing as though the state of my health has been rather inconsistent lately. But currently, I feel like the sun has infused me with a kind of vigor, a zeal, a zest for life that I haven't felt in awhile. I think I may be solar powered. The more I lay out in the sun and let myself really soak it in, the better I feel. For four days in a row, it has been sunny. And for four days, I've enjoyed it. Today was especially nice. I contemplated the meanings of random and coincidence. And came to the conclusion that coincidences are nothing but meant-to-be events that we lack the foresight to predict. Nor are we supposed to know of their occurrences before they happen. Then they would lose their beauty. They would lose their power to inspire! They would lose what makes them magical. And I for one, am entirely in awe of the unintelligible events that I have witnessed and would thoroughly dislike everything in this universe to be rationally explained away. I decided that there is no way to live but absurdly, crazily, on a whim. My life seems to go much better when I don't plan it out.

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