Monday, May 19, 2008


I just woke up to keep working on my paper. I realized that I have a lot of studying to do before tuesday at 8 am because that is when my final is. ha, and my final is worth just as much as my paper....
i understand that most people didn't really approve of my choice of activities this weekend and how i could have so much studying to do and still choose to be at a lawn party or at the newman barbecue for example. but in my eyes: everything that i did and all the people that i spent time with, sat by, laughed with, dined with were all infinitely more important than having my head buried in my computer screen. many people may call this irresponsible, especially here in berkeley. but i call it my priorities. i will always give precedent to those who i love and care about over academics anyways. berkeley may not be the right place to hold those attitudes. and this weekend especially, may not have been the best one to adhere to my beliefs. but really, if i fail...well then i fail. or if my paper isn't as long as it's supposed to be...well okay then. i'll do better next time. but nothing, NOTHING, will ever replace all the feelings of immense joy that i had this weekend. of seeing lisa walk across the stage and being like "yeah i know her!!!!" or of having my spirit revived by just being in the mere presence of the COMPLETE square. becoming aware of just how many people i feel connected to at newman. at the barbecue: "you're like the me of PAA, at Newman,"- Lisa. of staying up for endless hours at the library, knowing that i'm not getting much work done, but it will be the last time to not get much work done ever with jo or lisa while they are undergrads. so there i was. therefore, regardless of whether everyone else thinks that i didn't spend my time wisely, i think otherwise. my spirit was refreshed. that is a blessing. and one of the greatest gifts i could ever ask for.

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