Monday, October 27, 2008


a note about Pixar:
I LOVED it. There was just stuff from and about movies everywhere. The environment is so inviting, yet is super exclusive! There's colors and sunlight and bright minds all around. I almost felt as if I were in a theme park!

a note about being single:
It seems as if the last week of my life has been overwhelmingly focused on the fact that I am not currently in a relationship. From my being the only dateless one at the wedding to my little trip up the Campanile, everyday just seems to be flooded with reminders that I don't have a "significant other." I'm not saying that this is either good or bad, just making an observation. I'm not going to pretend that I'm one of those people who loves being single, but I am content with my life right now.

a note about being sick:
Yep, I'm still sick. Not as bad as before, thank goodness. Enough to entirely slow down the pace of my life though. I do miss my kids at the preschool terribly and I pray that I can return to work soon. Fevers and clogged sinuses are simply no good.

a note about a previous post:
A few days ago, I had put up this inquirery: can we go back to the days when it wasn't about being in love, it was only about being friends?
I took it down suspecting that it might be misinterpreted as being about an individual instead of being about a general feeling of mine. After having spoken about it on two separate occasions, I suppose it warrants some explanation. I merely am missing the time in my life when friends could just be friends without anything more ever happening. Or when meeting new people, there wasn't any speculation as to whether it could turn into a relationship. Friendship, pure friendship. It's a rare and beautiful gift.

a note about steamed milk:
It's just so warm and nice to drink at bedtime!

a note about pictures:
they'll be posted soon...


la said...

for some reason i picture each of these on different post-its (posties?) in your top 5 favorite colors. hah.

ben said...


joaico said...

I promise I'll never fall in love with you Hughes! We can be pure friends till the bitter end.

Leila, you've been fully assimilated into postie top 5 culture. It's in your head!

Leila said...

i am confused...

Malachi said...

friends, lovers, or nothing at all. there is no in between. thoughts?

and steamed milk is the greatest thing since steamed milk!