Wednesday, June 24, 2009

separation anxiety

in an effort to purge unnecessary items from my life and just do some needed cleaning out before the rest of my things are moved home, i am finding it difficult to let go. i am going through old notebooks, readings, and papers from the past 4 years. i always feel like i'll go back and read my favorite assigned articles again or that i will want to reference something one of my professors said. the only way to safeguard against lost information in the future is to save it all. but yikes! this is becoming impossibly excessive. for heaven's sake IT'S GOOD TO LET GO. alas, i'm recycling all (okay... almost all) of my notebooks. even though they contain so much VALUABLE information. i am thoroughly contemplating which readings i will actually ever do again. i hope i don't regret these moves later in life when i am trying to refer to that awesome anatomy professor in conversation and just can't remember that silly comment she made the day she was teaching about clavicles, etc. honestly!, it seems like i don't over-think or over-analyze anything in my life except when i'm trying to get rid of things. sheesh. and now, all of these papers are making their way into the recycle bin. bye bye hours, days, months, and years of written knowledge...i hope some of you still reside in the back alleys of my memory.


la said...

i had a large cardboard box FULL of items of this nature when i left my apartment in berkeley. and i JUST got around to going through it on friday. the box is sitting here with me right now. after a YEAR of being moved in!

take it from me. in with the outro and out with the old...but for the love of God hold on to what's truly good.

Eyawn said...

i have the same problem.

but i've gradually thrown away readers over the course of several declutter sessions. i think i'm down to 2.

never underestimate the therapeutic power of decluttering...

Joanna said...

Mild voice of dissent: Save Your Stuff! This is what attics in our parents' houses are for. There are few joys that equal the joy I feel every four years or so when my brothers and I trek up into the attic and revel in the glorious and hideous past.

You could distribute your notebooks among friends and family so the mass is spread around and we all have a little piece of Juliette!