Monday, January 26, 2009

a little bit about art

I spoke to my dad for a long time on the phone today and it was really nice. I don't do that very often and it was incredibly refreshing. I was reminded of his laid back personality, what a genius he is, and that he thinks I'm funny. I've grown to adopt many of my dad's qualities and grown away from the ones I used to share with my mom. I'm more contemplative than I used to be and I'm not quite as nosey as I once was. I like that my dad sees the humor in sarcasm and can take a joke. I like that he knows that I have a life that is constantly moving and in flux and he doesn't need constant updates about it. He is supportive of all my crazy ideas. He laughs outloud when I'm acting silly and lets me sit with him in his big chair even though I'm not a little girl anymore. He hugs me for a long time every time I come home and tells me that he doesn't want me to leave. He's honest and hard working. He's the only one who can win a disagreement with Mrs. Vicki Hughes. He likes to go shopping and he likes old western and epic war movies. He likes to reference either the Last Samurai or Gladiator in conversations. I learned today that his favorite book as a child was Fire Hunter by Jim Kjelgaard and that he used to secretly stay up late to read Jack London's The Call of the Wild. He doesn't know what brie is and he doesn't apologize for it. He taught me that blueberries and spinach are healthy and necessary to eat regularly. He can singlehandedly make a box of See's chocolates disappear in a matter of days. He would be more comfortable with me living in Nicaragua than Nepal because his mother's best friend was from Nicaragua and it's closer to California. He knows I like to study Buddhism and can't fathom why. He likes to think that I teach my professors rather than them teaching me. He doesn't like to sing in church, but he loves to sing Carpenters songs to me in the car. He easily sees the good in people and he taught me that serving others is not a chore, but something that comes naturally. He exists quietly, always bettering the lives of those he knows. He has an amazing soul. I think one of the reasons why I am joyful so often is because he is. He taught me long ago to love the world and humanity before I even realized that I did.


la said...

how lovely! insights into the environment that planted and grew the juliette seed of service that will feed nations :)

Leila said...

ilove your dad. thanks for writing this. it made me happy. thank heaven for the hughes family!