Friday, September 5, 2008

excerpts from my mom's emails

"I wonder how two republicans can spawn 3 democrats."

"Yes we watched the republican convention.
It is for sure McCain has sooo much more
experience in all of the right areas.
Obama has sooo little experience-
I do not think is even a little qualified.
Both of rep. candidates are very involved
in the military & the military is what keeps
this country on track. I do think that it
will be a close election-
but the republicans will prevail I have no doubt.
All those democrats want to do is spend
more money and raise more taxes.

I love my mom. But I think she's just wrong.
Ha, what is this rhetoric? "the republicans will prevail"...
she's been infected.
Ughhh and the military?? REALLY?!
I'm heading to the peace corps. Stat.


Leila said...

i would love to have a little chat with your mom. friendly of course :)

benjamin said...

good to see you open to different points of view :)